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victoriaheiderleigh Long live the queens. @alexandra 👑 #MaryQueenofScots
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kweeninthenorth queen myrcella vs queen ygritte is the real game of thrones we deserve
alexandra sephora matched you the wrong shade, girl. 😎
victoriaheiderleigh @alexandra eat my puffy 16th century shorts 💋
postofthrones omg when we said go back to red hair WE DID NOT MEAN THIS but whoa
leahwilder can't wait to see this historically inaccurate representation of mary and elizabeth 👑👏🏻 fun fact: the meeting you see, which did not occur, is a result of @alexandra literally threatening to take her ginger wig if she didn't get a chance to act opposite vic. HASH NO MORE BANTER this is brilliant, astounding and emotional. i know the work and love put into this by everyone involved and it's only a few more weeks until my begging gets enough one of you two sends me a screener, right? 💖
christophleigh2004 👑👑👑 Nice
vicheiderfanpage Yes girl!! Long Live Queen Elizabeth!
vixxious6 #justice4katewinslet #justice4katewinslet #justice4katewinslet #justice4katewinslet

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